Recipe: Veggie Coconut Soup

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this soup recipe tops the list of having been made more than any other recipe in my kitchen all winter.

it's fast, easy, super healthy & it keeps well to eat throughout the week. if you are sick or feel like you are getting sick, this will become your go-to.

and the best part? you can more or less use whatever veggies you have in your fridge.

this recipe was kindly repurposed from tara stiles' tara eats blog


what you need:


red pepper flakes

1T coconut oil

½ onion

2 inches ginger (peeled & grated)

2 cloves garlic

2 sweet potatoes

6 carrots

head of kale (destemmed & cut into small pieces; any greens are fair game)

handful cilantro

juice of 1 lime

2 32oz cartons of low sodium veggie stock

2 14oz cans coconut milk


what to do:

sautee onion, garlic, ginger with coconut oil, s&p & red pepper flakes until soft

add carrots & sweet potato, sautee for a few more minutes

add kale

add veggie stock & bring to a boil

once it's boiling, turn down to simmer until sweet potatoes are cooked through

add coconut milk, cilantro & lime

simmer a couple more minutes & ready to serve


serves 6-8
25 minutes

if you try this recipe, i would love to hear what you think in the COMMENTS below...