DIY: Shampoo & Conditioner

you heard me. i am asking you to NOT WASH YOUR HAIR. scary, huh? not really, you just have try it.

the only thing similar about this hair washing routine to the standard is that you use two products. they just aren’t shampoo or conditioner. and they don’t lather (you will get over it).

trust me when i say this DIY hair washing routine is not just for those who burn patchouli & doobies. it’s for anyone who wishes for softer, shinier, less frizzy hair. and i think everyone wants that.

bonus: i bet you have all these ingredients under your kitchen sink.

the “shampoo”:
1 part baking soda: 3 parts water

the “conditioner”:
1 part white or apple cider vinegar + a few dashes of your favorite essential oil (i like tea tree): 4 parts water

mix each one in a travel container or something larger from a beauty store if you don't want to make it as often.

just as you would with the traditional method: wet your hair, douse with the “shampoo”, give a good scrub & rinse. then douse with the “conditioner”, scrub a bit more, run a comb through your hair & rinse.

my hair took to it right away, but give yourself a couple weeks to adjust if you have been a daily hair washer & product user. 

full disclosure: i have been using this method since the beginning of october & only have used real shampoo/conditioner a handful of times.

still need a bit more moisture on the ends or to tame flyaways? add a dab (seriously just a tiny bit) of coconut oil.


better hair, less money. everybody wins.

did you try it & love it? hate it? let me know in the COMMENTS below...