2-Minute Meditation: Pre-Work Day

taking a few minutes in the morning before work to calm your mind & visualize an awesome day is one of the simplest & easiest ways to make sure that it is awesome! even if a 9 hour work day is involved.

give it a go...


sit in a comfortable position or lay on your back

close your eyes

take a big deep breath in & a big deep breath out

do this 2 more times


repeat to yourself out loud or in your head

(open your eyes to glance, although if you do this everyday you will memorize soon enough!):


i am light
i am calm
i am peace

i am floating through my day
i am moving from task to task with ease

i can see myself with a smile
i can see myself with a glow

[now take the next minute to envision yourself as this whirling ball of light moving through your day starting with the moment you get off the mat, ending when you go to sleep]

i feel light
i feel calm
i feel peace

i am light, calm, peace


open your eyes & take this feeling with you throughout the day.


do you have any pre-work rituals that set you on the right track? please share in the COMMENTS below!