DIY: Whipped Lavender Coconut Body Butter

coco body butter.jpg

as far as i'm concerned this whipped body butter is it.

face, hands, cuticles, feet, you name it.

lotion kindly made it's way out of my house years ago when i realized it was actually making my eczema worse (fragrances, chemicals, blah!), rather than soothe it. i found refuge with oils like avocado, almond, sesame & grapeseed but this recipe takes it to another level & i can't get enough.

what you need:

1C coconut oil (unrefined & in a solid state)

1/4C almond oil

1/4C aloe vera gel

30 dashes of lavender essential oil (or your favorite, lavender is one of the most sensitive)

electric hand mixer

what to do:

make sure the coconut oil you are using is in a solid state — this is key to making it fluffy

combine all ingredients in a bowl

use hand mixer to whip into a fluffy texture making sure to break up the hard bits of coconut oil 

jar it & you're good to go

keep in mind that in warmer weather this will be more of a liquid than solid, but still works just the same.

tip: try adding to a bath or using for shaving

have you tried it? let me know what you think in the COMMENTS below!