Recipe: Kale, Cashew, White Bean Salad With Lime

This warm rendition is the perfect salad transition into fall.  

The recipe comes as an inspiration from a salad at a one of my favorite mexican restaurants, combined with needing to get creative on my current 3-week "elimination diet", or my "elimination experiment" as I prefer to call it (more on that soon).

This one literally only takes a few minutes to put together and I love how the cashews, beans and avocado make it super filling!


What you need:

Baby Kale

Cannellini Beans, from a can or cooked

Lime, juice & zest

Unsalted Cashews, toasted


Olive Oil


Red Pepper Flakes


What to do:

Chop cashews roughly in half, add to a pan on the stove top. Roast on medium, tossing periodically. Once toasted, put in a bowl off to the side so they stop toasting.

Rinse the beans in a colander in the sink, then add to the pan you were using for the cashews. Add a touch of olive oil, some of the S&P, red pepper flakes & lime juice to the beans. Let them simply heat up a bit.

Meanwhile, add half the baby kale to a bowl with a few squeezes of lime, lime zest, some red pepper flakes & S&P (if you're using full-grown kale, add all of it to this step). Massage ingredients into the kale for a minute, then add the rest of the kale & mix together.

Why massage kale? It does 2 things: incorporates all the flavors together, and also tenderizes the kale that can otherwise be a bit tough. 

Once beans are warm, add the kale to a plate & top with beans, avocado & lime zest, & enjoy!

15 minutes
Serves 2