13 Ways To Use Coconut Oil

coconuts are the hot food of the moment and for good reason. there are so many uses for coconut oil and not just in the kitchen.

here are 13 healthy & easy ways to use the wonder substance…

1. use just as you would use olive oil. for sauteing, roasting, etc. like in this veggie coconut soup recipe. note that it can have a slight tropical flavor. 

2. hair conditioning treatment. add a bit to the ends for some extra moisture or massage all over hair & scalp for a deep conditioning hair mask.

3. tame flyaways & split ends. just a dab will do ya. although you won’t even need it with this diy shampoo & conditioner.

4. your face, body, feet, nails... it’s better than lotion i promise.

5. amp it up on your skin by making your own whipped lavender coconut body butter. it’s awesome.

6. add some to a bath for extra silky skin.

7. makeup remover. the best. hands down.

8. sunburns or cuts. it is anti-bacterial. slather it on.

9. lip balm. just make sure if you put it in your purse that the container is tight. in the summer (or when warm) it turns to liquid!

10. mouthwash. also known as oil pulling. yes, this might sound quite strange. it definitely takes some dedication & getting used to, but this morning ritual can actually aid in overall dental health & freshen your breath. just take a spoonful of coconut oil, swish it around in your mouth for 5-20 minutes, spit & brush teeth as usual.

11. butter replacement for just about anything. on toast with almond butter or in baking breads & cakes. if you are replacing a regular recipe, test it first. or look for recipes using coconut oil instead of butter.

12. shaving. use just as you would with shaving cream or soap.

13. deodorant. i haven’t tried it (yet), but supposedly what works on your skin & in your body also works on your pits.

tip: make sure you buy unrefined coconut oil. refined has been heated to high temperatures, thus killing off the good stuff.

do you have any ways you love to use coconut oil? share in the COMMENTS below!