Recipe: Almost Vegan Raw Coconut Truffles


with valentine's day around the corner, i've got just the recipe for you to share with your loved ones that is the perfect balance of indulgence & healthy...

these little balls of goodness are awesome in so so many ways. they are really tasty, healthy, take no time at all, can be made ahead of time AND they make for great gifts!

what you need:

1C raw cacao powder (NOT cocoa)

1C almond butter

1/2C raw honey (if hardcore vegan, try agave or your sweetener of choice)

1/2C shredded coconut (and another 1C on reserve in a small bowl to roll them in)

1T coconut oil

pinch of sea salt

what to do:

slightly wet hands first to help from sticking. mix all ingredients together in a bowl with your hands. it will be messy, but everything will come together eventually. if after a few minutes it’s too dry & not coming together add a bit of almond butter. if it's too wet, a little bit of cacao and/or shredded coconut (i very roughly measure this recipe).

pull pieces apart & roll in your hands. however big or small you want. then roll in the shredded coconut that’s in a separate a bowl. bam, done.

place on a tray with space between each one & freeze until serving. if serving straight from the freezer, i would let them sit out for 5mins or so so they thaw a little. you can store them in a tupperware in the freezer for a while or in the fridge if you will be eating them soon (or every hour on the hour throughout the day).

makes 20
15 minutes

if you give this recipe a go, i’d love to hear your thoughts in the COMMENTS below!