Recipe: Vegan Cheesy Popcorn (Off The Cob!)

hceesy popcorn.jpg

if you're lucky enough to find some dried corn on the cob, grab it. i can't say i have ever see any at the grocery store, but you can find it at farmer's markets, or in my case, through a local CSA (community supported agriculture or "farm share").

fresh popcorn like this is crunchy & so flavorful. it makes the movie theater stuff taste like styrofoam.

even better, add this vegan cheesy topping for the ultimate addictive popcorn snack.

what you need:

dried corn on the cob

coconut oil

nutritional yeast

sea salt

garlic powder


what to do:

cut off any dead kernels on the end of the cob 

take off any of the husk that might be remaining

put in a paper bag & fold over the top 

pop in the microwave for 1-3mins. take it out & check on it every minute to make sure it's not burning or over cooking. if you stop hearing popping, that means its done

(mine started smoking a couple times because the end had some dead kernels, so keep an eye on the microwave!)

while it's in the microwave, heat some coconut oil in a pot

once it's all popped, toss in the popcorn & stir around to lightly coat

add nutritional yeast, sea salt, garlic powder & a little bit of pepper

start light with the toppings & add more to your liking

add more nutritional yeast if you would like more of the cheesy flavor

note: i'm sure this would work great in a pot on the stove if you were using loose kernels


5 minutes
serves 1-4, depends how much you want to share


have you tried this recipe? let me know how you think it stands up to the regular stuff in the COMMENTS below...