2-Minute Meditation: Body Scan

take a meditation time out this morning. relax & recharge. find ease & energize.  


lay on your back with your arms & legs out to the edges of your mat
close your eyes
take a big deep breath in & a big deep breath out
do this 2 more times

as your mind begins to relax, allow your body to follow
as thoughts come into your mind, take notice & let them pass
if you get hung up on them for a few seconds, no worries, allow them to fade in & fade out
with every exhale, allow each part of your body to relax
beginning with the top of your head moving to the bottom of your toes

let your head fully rest on the ground, feel it’s heaviness
allow any tension in your eyebrows to melt
relax your jaw & let your mouth sit slightly open
release any tension in your shoulders, neck & chest
soften your elbows, wrists, hands & fingers

allow your belly to rise and fall with no judgements
let your hips sit heavy & comfortably on the ground
allow your knees to soften & your feet to turn out, hanging

bring attention to your body as a whole, feeling completely relaxed, but fully present
as you continue to breath in & out feel the ease that has come over your body

with no rush to think of anything & no rush to go anywhere
slowly begin to move your fingers & toes
open your eyes
roll over slowly & make your way to a comfortable seat
enjoy the rest of your day


if you give this meditation a go, let me know what you think in the COMMENTS!