Recipe: Sunshine Turmeric Juice

this electric orange juice is one mega thirst-quenching drink.

turmeric is best known as the root ingredient to make curry, but it's uses don't stop there.

it has anti-inflammatory properties that are said to aid in cancer prevention, relieve arthritis & help your brain, liver & cardiovascular system.

you can add turmeric to smoothies & juices just as you would ginger for a slightly less spicy flavor. mix & match the veggies & fruits you use, anything goes!


what you need:

3 inch nub of turmeric root

4 clementines

3 carrots

juice of 1 lemon

3C water


what to do:

peel the turmeric, carrots, & clementines

add all ingredients to blender & blend

sift through a fine mesh strainer if you choose to make it more juice-like 

& enjoy! 


makes 40oz
5 minutes
fridge life 48-72 hours


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