WTF Is A Vitamix?

I get this question all the time.

Then it is usually followed with, “And why does it cost so much?”

Here are my 3 reasons to consider the mega-blending machine & why it’s worth the money:

1. The bitch can blend

I have had a regular blender, an immersion blender & a food processor. They have their uses, but they left my green smoothies ready for chewing, rather than drinking. The Vitamix blends hearty greens & vegetables with ease & speed while other blending methods often just don’t cut it.

Texture-wise, the Vitamix is actually is better tasting than some other blenders. The "Vitamix full-size blenders are able to create at least 5x smoother blends than the Ninja Professsional."*

2. No more blender burnout blues

It can tackle nearly anything you put into it without breaking or losing it’s power. If something does break or not live up to what it is supposed to, Vitamix will replace it or fix it. I have contacted their customer service and talked to a real-live person. They have happily answered my questions & helped me out.

I think most people would agree that they value quality over quantity. One great product is much more appealing than going through a new device every couple years.

Although I have not personally compared with every other blender option, Vitamix has done some research: "Vitamix 5200 model lasts more than 3x longer than the Ninja Professional and 10x longer than the Nutribullet Pro 900 Series."*

I suggest reading consumer reports & shop around to see what looks best for you.

3. Chew this 5x fast

Speaking of chewing your smoothies, other than it sounding, um, kinda gross, it also is less efficient & less healthy than blending.

Yep, blending is healthier. Here are a few reasons why...

When food is blended, it’s faster to eat than chewing, which means you are more likely to consume more of it. And the more a food is broken down, the easier it’s digested & absorbed into your body. Blending actually breaks down veggies more than chewing so you do less work & access more nutrients (even if you chewed for a really, really long time).

Still not convinced it’s worth the money?

Vitamix sells refurbished models (I have the 5200 model) and they often do promotions that bring the price down from the usual $450+ to as low as $299.

What can you make with a Vitamix? Check the Radical Recipes section for How To Make The Perfect Green Smoothie, juices, nut milks, ice cream, pasta sauces & more.

*Update: since writing this post, i have become a proud affiliate of Vitamix (yay!). this means you get access to the best deals as soon as they happen, FREE SHIPPING & yep, I get a commission when you use my promo code (06-009896) at

No smoke & mirrors here, I'm proud to get paid for promoting one of my favorite products. Send me an email through the contact page or comment below if you have any questions! 

*These claims are tested and approved by Vitamix and validated by a third party.

Do you have a vitamix & want to share why you love it too? I'd love to hear in the COMMENTS below...