Why I'm Not Vegan

I get the question a lot: "You're vegan, right?"

My answer: No.

Then it's often: "Oh so you're paleo, pesitarian, flexitarian..."

Nope. I'm not a subscriber to any specific diet.

Not necessarily for the reason that i believe humans should eat animal products, but that i don't believe in rules.

Rules create stress, anxiety and room for failure. 

And when you break the rules (because you inevitably will), then comes guilt.

That all just sounds like a big downer to me. So i pass.

What's my rule of thumb on eating healthy?

Eat to feel good.

I enjoy a plant-heavy diet because it makes me feel good.

I choose to drink warm lemon water in the morning and green smoothies in the afternoon, because they make me feel good.

And that's always what i'm aiming for. Plus i might have a mild obsession with veggies: cooking with them, taking photos of them, shopping for them...

Healthy eating can get very complicated if you let it, but if you slow down & listen closely you might be guided in the right direction.

Or maybe you opted for the cheeseburger this time. and that's fine. 

If i had a diet, it's manifesto would go something like this:

Eat as many veggies as possible.
Drink tons of water.
Dont keep unhealthy snacks too close at hand.
Eat food as close from out of the ground as possible, when possible.
Get creative.
Eat to feel good.
Enjoy the rest.


Now it's your turn, i'd like to know.... What's your go-to feel good food? Tell me in the COMMENTS below!