DIY: Vitamin C Face Mask

you always see vitamin c & citrus used in fancy, expensive beauty products, so why not try the real thing from right in your own kitchen? this face mask recipe is great for oily skin, but my eczema prone skin loved it too.

i felt like sunbeams were shooting out of my face. and that is a good feeling, my friend.

what you need:

1TB juice of an orange

1T baking soda

what to do:

mix together. the amounts are not exact science, so add as much of each to make the consistency you like.

apply to face, neck & chest in circular motion. 

leave on for up to 20 minutes as a mask or just scrub for a minute & rinse.

after rinsing, apply moisturizer of choice. try using this amazing whipped lavender coconut body butter!

*if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to any fruit or citrus make sure to test on a small patch


how amazing does it feel?! i'd love to know what you think in the COMMENTS below...