Top 5 Be Well Beauty Faves

There are few beauty products I have been "obsessed" with, but I'm finding the more natural & organic goodies I try, the more I want to tell everyone I know about the ones I love.

I don't know, maybe it's just way more fun for me to say "OMG, I need to spray your face with this rosewater. It's a game-changer, I swear", rather than something like "This eyeliner makes the best cat-eye."

Maybe not a total surprise that I get excited about feel good products, rather than just the kind that make you look good.

So here are my top 5 beauty faves of the moment:

1. The Vitamix
Before you ask... YES this is a beauty product. Why? Because if you're healthy on the inside, you'll look healthy on the outside. Daily green smoothies or other healthy concoctions can totally change the way your skin looks. You'd be surprised how things like acne or eczema can disappear when you limit the processed stuff. I know because it's happened to me.

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2. Coconut Oil
Lately I've been digging the Tropical Traditions Gold Label, but I've tried and liked many brands.

What I generally look for is that it's USDA organic and "unrefined" (also known as "virgin" or "pure"). The "refined" variety has been heated in order to extract the flavor out of it & ingredients have been added to further it's shelf-life. Aka it's processed and we don't want that.

I use coconut oil for everything from moisturizer to deodorant to make-up remover (Read my 13 Ways To Use Coconut Oil).

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3. RMS Beauty

My sensitive eczema-prone skin does not like anything with strange chemicals or powders, so this better-than-organic makeup line is awesome. I like the product just as much as the packaging -- and for me that's important!

I love the "Un" Cover Up, a cream based concealer that goes on really light & clean. The Lip & Skin Balm in Simply Cocoa is perfect to throw in your bag (anyone else had a coconut oil melt disaster in their purse?) & the Mascara has a really nice natural look... no crunchy, show-girl lashes here.

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4. TIZO Sunscreen

Being a longtime sailor and sunbather, I decided it was time to get real with my sunscreen routine. Especially after an extremely close brush with melanoma last year.

I originally got this sunscreen as a gift from my fiance through an old sailing coach years ago and have been using it ever since. It's one of the only sunscreens I have tried that not only doesn't irritate my skin, but makes it feel better than before I used it. My favorite is the Facial Mineral Fusion. It actually has a skin-colored tint so it evens out your skin while blocking it from the sun (aka white zinc without the white). And no, it's not makeup so boys can wear it too.

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5. Heritage Store Rosewater Spray

I LOVE this stuff. It smells good, feels good & is unbelievably refreshing. I have literally been known to accost people insisting that they need a spray (and not one person has told me they didn't like it). Post-shower, beach, whenever. I actually have no idea what, if any, health benefits there are to this spray, but for as good as it makes me feel, that's reason enough for me.

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Got any feel good beauty faves you want to share? I'd love to know about your go-to's in the COMMENTS below!

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