Recipe: Vita-Margs! w/ Orange, Honey + Lime

Being healthy doesn't mean being perfect. It means being a conscious human.

So if you're planning on cocktailing this holiday weekend, don't feel guilty, embrace celebration! And if you can make boozing slightly healthier, even better.

Created for Cinco De Mayo, but perfect for Memorial Day weekend (and all summer long), I'd like to introduce you to... VITA-MARGS!

Vita-Margs = Margarita's made in a Vitamix (but of course, any high powered blender you have will be just fine).

This recipe is a bit of a twist on the traditional margarita... and I'd like to think more fun, and certainly more healthy!

Oh, If you aren't into alcohol, this recipe makes a for a pretty mean mock-tail, too.

So here's how to make the super-simple VITA-MARGS w/ Orange, Honey + Lime...

What you need:

Vitamix (WTF is a Vitamix?)
Tequila (use the good stuff)
3 different varieties of Orange, peeled (I used 1 Naval, 1 Mandarin & 1 Clara Clara*)
1 lime, juiced
3 drops doTERRA Citrus Essential Oil - like lime, tangerine, wild orange, grapefruit
1T honey (make sure the ingredients show it's actually honey, not just sugar)

What to do:

*I was inspired at the grocery store to get 3 different kinds, but that's not necessary. Other orange/citrus that would work are Clementines, Blood Oranges, even Grapefruit. Mix and match as you like.

Add into the Vitamix: tequila (unless someone is having a mock-tail then add the tequila in each individual glass), peeled oranges/citrus, honey, lime juice, essential oil & blend.

Pour over ice, add a slice of lime & enjoy!

1 batch serves about 4, 12oz cocktails