Essential Oils (& more) for Sporty & Active People

Being healthy & ‘fit’ has less to do with what you look like, & more with how you feel& how you take care of yourself. 

Because true health is a life-long lifestyle, not a destination.

So this one goes out to all my sporty peeps, gym rats, yoga chicks, & all those who move their body & want to up their game in a major way.

Here’s a peek into my routine + my must-have tools to create a more holistic — & sustainable — fitness lifestyle.

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What’s in my gym bag:

Fresh breath, invigorating, & helps open your airways. Peppermint essential oils has also been proven to help oxygenate the blood which results in better athletic performance. Read more on that with this peer reviewed study here.

I use this as lip balm, & because it has immune supportive oils like Frankincense & Melaleuca in it, it also acts as a protective barrier from any germs that I might encounter at the gym. I often rub a little under my nose as well for the same reason. And if you tend to get cuts & scrapes as you’re moving your body, you’ll definitely want this too. Think of it as your natural neosporin.

I take this stuff EVERYWHERE, but especially to the gym (& offer it to others too!). I do a spray before & after so I don’t bring in any germs & so I don’t take any out with me. This stuff is the best.

This is my go-to essential oil blend for my water bottle. It’s a blend of Peppermint, Ginger, Grapefruit, Lemon, & Cinnamon which makes it great for supporting the metabolism, cravings, helps maintain already healthy blood sugar levels, energy, digestion, respiration & of course hydration, all of which are super helpful in having a great workout. And dudes: while the name of this blend might seem like it’s not for you, I promise you will like it.

Try this when your muscles or sore or recovering:

DIY Pain Roller Blend
10 drops Deep Blue (soothing & anti-inflammatory for muscles & joints)
10 drops AromaTouch (supports circulation & soothing)
5 drops Frankincense (anti-inflammatory)
5 drops Copaiba (soothes aches & discomfort, calms nervous system)
5 drops Lemongrass (supports ligaments & strains)

  • Add oils to 10ml glass roller bottle, top off with Fractionated Coconut Oil

  • Roll on & massage in where needed, as needed

  • Extra Strength: Add a pea-sized amount of Deep Blue Lotion layered on top for more of a boost of pain & inflammation support

Beyond the gym, take your health to the next level:

EPSOM SALT SOAK - Step up your self-care by adding my Be Well Bath Ritual into your health & fitness routine. Yup, this mean you will need to slow down for a few minutes. Like literally sit down. In a bathtub. Epsom Salts contain Magnesium which not only help muscles, but also support digestion & release stress that can lead to pain in the body. Grab the Epsom Salts I use on my Amazon Wellness Shop.

LIFELONG VITALITY TRIO - A trio of daily supplements including a Food Nutrient Multi-Vitamin Complex, Omega Complex, & Cellular Complex.

Nutrition is truly the foundation of health with proper hydration, consistent physical movement, & limited toxic exposure being necessary pieces of the puzzle too.

No essential oils or magical products are going to make you healthier & more well if you’re skipping past the basic building blocks & not fueling your body from the start.

While I once thought supplements were only for professional athletes or those who were sick, I’ve since learned that we ALL need supplementation. No matter how organic, local, & clean your diet, you are most likely not getting the vitamins & nutrients you need because our soil has become so over-farmed & depleted. The apple or kale our grandparents ate 50 years ago, is unfortunately not the same as the apple or kale we eat today.

The Livelong Vitality Trio are doTERRA’s #1 selling product (believe it or not, more than even Lavender essential oil) because they simply allow our bodies to do what they do best: come into balance & function optimally. And when we’re functioning optimally, we often notice a positive shift in things like digestion, immune system, mental clarity, mood, pain & inflammation.

Get the ingredient list & every detail you could possibly want about these supplements right here. And they have a 30 day money back guarantee — so definitely worth giving a try.

Some of my favorite fitness recovery tools are from a company called Rad Roller. They have a variety of rollers, balls, & sticks that are game-changing, in my opinon, for when you find tight muscles & knots in the body, but can’t get to a massage (if you can, GREAT, do that too!). In fact, I even travel with these too (& currently have one on my back as I type this on an airplane). You can find these Rad Roller tools & more on my Amazon Wellness Shop.

Tip: Keep these tools & a yoga mat somewhere easy to access in your house. If they’re stuffed in a closet or the basement, you’re not going to use them. You don’t need a dedicated room, but even a basket in the corner can encourage you to so some rolling & stretching as you watch TV rather than sitting on the couch, for instance.

Adding yoga into your fitness routine is so helpful in allowing your body to not just be strong, but gain flexibility that can reduce pain or potential injury. And perhaps even more imporatnt? Yoga is stress-reducing, which we all can use. When there’s stress in the mind, there’s stress in the body.

If you don’t have a yoga studio near you or one that you resonate with, my favorite online classes can be found on & These are seasoned & dyanmic teachers that have levels & styles for everyone.

This one is a biggy for me, & the main reason I started using doTERRA essential oils & products, because I found that the more I was exposed to toxins in my everyday products (cleaning, lifestyle, beauty), the more my body (skin specifically), reacted. 

The ‘results’ from lowering your toxic load may or may not come in the form of weight loss, but certainly have an effect on hormones, emotions, inflammation, respiratory system & more which attribute greatly to your overall health & wellness. 

So just like food — read labels. Check for the word ‘fragrance’ or other known toxins that linger even in those ‘all natural’ products. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) website or app is a great resource to plug in a product or ingredient to check it’s level of toxicity & risk.

Coming soon – Non-toxic cleaning & lifestyle blog post!

Other things you might like, if you’re sporty:

  • You’ll want this for foot/toenail fungus or to spray down your yoga mat - Melaleuca (aka Tea Tree) essential oil

  • Use in a sports massage to soothe muscles & repair ligaments - AromaTouch essential oil blend or Deep Blue essential oil blend

  • Roll on your wrists & back of neck for motivation to get to the gym - Motivate essential oil roller blend

  • Add to your water throughout the day for immune support & gentle detoxification - Lemon essential oil

  • Add a drop to the bottom of each foot & rub together daily for baseline immune support - OnGuard essential oil blend

  • Rub on chest, neck & below nose before a run - Breathe vapor stick or Breathe essential oil blend

As always, know that all recommendations are based on my personal experience & are only in reference to doTERRA Essential Oils, not any other brand on the market. What I share on this blog is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any kind of health ailment.

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As always, know that all recommendations are based on my personal experience & are only in reference to doTERRA Essential Oils, not any other brand on the market. What I share on this blog is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any kind of health ailment.